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Re:Tee | Salvage and Resize Your Favorites


Have you been scarfing up loads of shelter-in-place snacks?


Consuming massive coronavirus carbs?


Putting on the pandemic pounds? 


Well, you're not alone. Many of us have been gleefully coping with calories while the COVID crisis continues, only to feel our clothing start to tighten. Even our favorite comfy tees have betrayed us.


But we have a solution.


Your favorite tees, salvaged and resizedFor a limited time only, we will transform your small into a medium. Turn your large into an XL.*


And, we'll Re:Tee ANY of your tees -- NOT just Korrupt Label tees you already own.

Here's how it works: you ship us your favorite (yet too snug) tee -- any tee you want to salvage and/or resize. Then, we'll cut out the graphic, supply a NEW tee in the more generous size you specify, and sew the old graphic onto it!**

Presto! Same cool tee design, new comfy fit.

And just how much does this sorcery cost, you ask? The low, low price of $19.95. 


Is Re:Tee for me? Why not get three?



Why NOT get three? We'll even give you a BULK (pun intended) discount: 2 tees for $35.95, or 3 tees for $49.95!


Check out all the options on our website -- our Custom Studio is here for you in your time of need. And don't despair! Today's eatin' clothes can be tomorrow's workout wear. 

But ACT NOW -- this Custom Studio special offer is only valid thru October 21st -- so place your order by then.***



Take a closer look at all the Re:Tee options!








*Offer valid for tees as described only: for a la carte variations not offered here, or for other custom work, please contact our Custom Studio directly at Existing tee should preferably cotton, or a poly-cotton blend. For specific questions, drop us an email, or send us a photo of your tee (and its tag).
**Tee sizes available from S (small) to 4XL, in white, black, and other limited colors as described on this product page. Ship to address is indicated above as well, and will be repeated in your order confirmation email. Shipping must be via trackable method.
***Order must be placed and paid for by end of day on Wednesday, October 21st to qualify for special offer. Tees should be shipped no later than Tuesday, October 27th. Any tees shipped after October 27th may be returned to you, and a refund will be issued (less the cost of USPS Priority Mail shipping). Special circumstances may allow for more flexibility.

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