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Countdown to our "Little Rhody" road trip!

West Coast Meets East Coast

Posted on March 13 2020



There's no getting around it: moving is a pain in the ass. We've never met anyone who looks forward to this typically herculean task. The process of upending your life that comes with a relocation -- be it just down the street, or all the way across the country -- is a daunting puzzle of innumerable details.



It's an especially challenging experience -- way harder than finding a roll of toilet paper or a bottle of water during a pandemic.  Harder than math, even. 



On the Holmes and Rahe Stress Scale, the aggregate components of what a coast to coast move entails (change in residence, change in living conditions, revision of personal habits) likely falls somewhere between the equivalents of a jail term (a bit less stressful) and marital separation (slightly more stressful).



Adding in a concurrent "business readjustment" (such as uprooting a small business) puts the total sum of LCUs ("life change unit") up towards the top of the scale, along with divorce, or the death of a spouse.



But people move and take their small business along with them all the time. And although the level of risk that comes with these life events is high, the potential reward is great. Having a plan helps, and being able to pivot that plan as things evolves is key.



And we DO have a very detailed (yet flexible) plan -- one which does not include death (murder?) of a spouse, divorce, marital separation, or a jail term. Fingers crossed...LOL.



Besides ensuring safety during the trek and arriving in PVD intact, we intend on having some fun and taking in the full Kerouac-esque experience while we're on the road to "Little Rhody". We won't torture you with all the gory details (think: multi-tab color coded spreadsheet), but here's a fun peek at the "finalized" route for our Rhode Island relocation! 



We'll be stopping in several places just briefly for an overnight to rest, and to break up the 50+ hours of driving. The trip will take us roughly 7 days, putting us in Providence on April 10th or so.**



Here's the intended roster of exciting locales we'll be visiting:**



Reno, NV

Provo, UT**

Denver, CO**

Kansas City, MO**

Indianapolis, IN

Pittsburgh, PA**

Callicoon, NY

Providence, RI



If you see your city in the list, or you're close by one of our stops, drop us a comment below and let us know what time to be at your place for dinner. (Haha.)



We're also hoping to bring all of you along for the ride. Stay tuned for addition blog updates, livestream dash cam Q&A, and video diary entries along the way!



**In mid-April, just in time for festival season, Korrupt Label will be based in the funky, artistic town of Providence, Rhode Island.**

 We’re moving to a new coast, for new opportunities, and new inspiration, to evolve our interpretation of slow-style, punk & rock bad-assery.



** Plans/route updated on 3/22 due to CoronaVirus impact.




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  • Kathleen: March 15, 2020

    Good luck fellas! Can’t wait to see you on this side in April!! Vroom vroom

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