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Our thoughts from the edge: the Korrupt Label POV on fashion, music, culture, travel, food, politics, lifestyle, and other musings. 

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Recent Posts

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    May 05 2019

      If you’re like me, you are still recovering from spending on the gauntlet of 2018 year-end and 2019 early months’ holidays.   And, ...

  • Three Months in ประเทศไทย

    Jul 09 2018

        Today, we head home after three months in southeast Asia.   As we depart, we are overflowing with emotions. But the late, great Anth...

  • Find Your Place On The Edge

    Jun 14 2018

          Although combat boots, studded jackets, piercings, and mohawks aren't everyone’s thing, punk and rock ethos are ever present in s...