Korrupt Label: Origins & Ethos



Born in Thailand and raised with a punk rock ethos and DIY mentality, Henry Miyoshi founded Korrupt Label in 2006, and creates deconstructed, highly detailed t-shirts and hoodies layered with text, images and patches proudly self made in West Oakland, California.

Henry prefers to rely on old fashioned collage and paste up to create new designs and intricately layer text and images to create a unique style narrative. In keeping with his aesthetic, he draws on his past of designing punk rock posters, t-shirts and other clothing by deconstructing the ordinary and reconstructing anew to provide one of a kind flair for discerning tastes.

Screen printed, tea dyed, distressed, scorched and/or bleached patches are often sewn on to the shirts and hoodies, increasing the depth of these wearable works of art.

Patches can also be purchased separately, and help prolong the life of you favorite pieces of
clothing, express your unique individuality, and breathe new life and true DIY style into your wardrobe.

In addition to our website, Korrupt Label clothing can be found at many West Coast festivals and shows, retailers in California and beyond.